The “About” window.

This is the “Opening” or “SetUp” window. 

Click the SetUp button and the Layout is established  you are ready to  start learning and improving

The full Blobman 3.0 layout.

These are the models

This is the “Favorites” window. 

Once you have setup Traces  you would like to remember they will saved here.

This window will setup the Traces you have selected on the model you have chosen. If you click the “E”(export) button the selected Traces are sent to the Favorites window and saved.

The “Traces in Use”  window. This  window allows you to select the Traces on the model or models of your choice.

This is the “Scan” window.  This is where all the full model motions and the sequence motions are controlled

I hope this you gives you some idea of the “Look and Feel” of Blobman 3.0.